Relationships Through Trust and Knowledge.

At Rosenthal Insurance, we pride ourselves on always doing what's best for our client; thereby leading to strong, lasting relationships beyond business. Repetition leads to continuity, continuity develops history, and that history has created our identity today as an industry leader in group and individual benefits.

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Reliable Health Insurance Help

The Rosenthal Insurance Group prides itself on looking out for a client’s best interests and responding accordingly. Whether you need an individual health insurance plan or are researching group policies for employees at your company, we have tailored expertise to help you make smart decisions. Since 1977, we have assisted people in New Jersey and around the nation. Get in touch now to benefit from our specialized knowledge.

New Legislation

Perhaps you’re currently insured but will soon need a new policy and know you’re ready to make a change. Our staff members stay informed about all the most recent legislation by which insurers must abide. President Obama’s Affordable Care Act has caused policy changes for many, and we can help you sort out how to get enrolled in a plan that’ll suit your needs.
Also, we understand how some employers feel like they’re perpetually encountering obstacles whenever new legislation is passed. Look to us to provide strategies that can help you feel more secure during the days ahead.

Individual and Group Insurance Choices in NJ and Beyond

Rosenthal Insurance Group has its main office in New Jersey, but our client roster represents the country as a whole. We understand how important it is to find appropriate policies whether you’re trying to provide employees with health insurance and keep costs down, or need a policy that helps you feel protected in the event of a catastrophic injury or illness. Discuss your needs with us so we can suggest worthwhile strategies.
Our company is built upon a history of strong client relationships. We will listen attentively to your situation and get all the details so we’re able to guide you with confidence. People throughout NJ and other areas of the United States have trusted us for more than three decades, and we’re ready to team up with you, too.


Industry Rules & Regulations

With health insurance changing, there is much information to be informed on. Here at Rosenthal Insurance, our goal is to keep you up to date with the latest standards, rules and regulations in the industry.



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